Where will my son/daughter stay?

Your son/daughter will be staying with a Canadian Host Family and will be part of a Homestay Program or in a student accommodation.

Who is the family that he/she will be staying with?

The family that he/she will be staying with is a Canadian family, a family that has gone through extensive and rigorous screening before being chosen to host your son/daughter. Based on the criteria given to us by the student, our Homestay Program Coordinator will try to match your son/daughter with an adequate family based on their needs. A form is required to be filled in with as much information as possible in order to match you with the right family.

Who organizes the Camps?

The Camps are organized by Orca Education in partnership with some of the top English / French schools in Canada. Cristina, the founder of Orca Education and her team will be your main point of contact. They will be able                        to answer all your questions and help you navigate through the process as smoothly as possible giving you the peace of mind that your son/daughter is in safe hands.

Who is Cristina?

Cristina is a Canadian English Teacher, with extensive knowledge and experience in working with teenagers, young adults and adults. With over 15 years of work experience in the private and public education sector, she has decided after years of research and extensive exposure to student’s needs, especially in English Training as a Second Language to put together a program that has proven to be highly successful in the acquisition of Language Skills required by old and new generations to build a better future and career path. A program that combines Academic Language Training and Leisure Activities which expose students to a new culture by taking part in the everyday life of a Canadian family and ultimately acquiring the skills to survive in a diversified and globalized world.

Who will greet me?

Students will be greeted at the airport by one of our staff. They will then be driven to their homestay oraccommodation where they will be welcomed in their new home away from home.

What will I eat?

Based on the information given to us in the Accommodation Form and program you have chosen, meals will be adjusted based on needs and allergies. The program, generally, provides students with three meals per day: breakfast, packed lunch and dinner. Students who choose one of our private accommodation, will have the flexibility and freedom to purchase their own food and/or choose the number of meals to have included.

Will I have a single or shared room?

Students can choose to have a single room or a shared room with another student. All our packages include Single Room lodging. In a situation in which a student chooses to share a room with another student, the required arrangements can be made to meet the student’s needs.

Who will the other student be?

When it comes to Shared Rooms, the student can choose whom to share their room with, it could be afriend of the same sex or another student from a different country that is compatible with the student.We do not place male students and female students together in shared rooms. It is also why wepredominantly choose the Single Room option for our students. Most of our families will host one sexor the other and very rarely will the sexes be mixed and placed under the same roof.

Can I get in contact with the family before my arrival?

Orca Education encourages both families and students to contact their host family before their arrival in Canada. Orca Education provides you with detailed information about your host family before your departure such as names, surname, parents’ occupation, children’s name and age (if applicable), pets (if applicable), hobbies and so forth. We also provide you with an e-mail address as well as a phone number. Orca Education encourages you to contact them before your departure.

What will I study?

After you have arrived and settled into your new home, our main focus is Academics. On the first day of school, each student will take a Language Assessment Test. The test  will give us the necessary information to place you in the appropriate English Class and Level. The classes are small giving the teachers the possibility to give individual attention to students who require it. We have a series of courses and classes from which students can choose from, as well as academic preparation courses for Cambridge Certificates. Most schools we collaborate with are CambridgeCertified Testing Centres which offer students the possibility to take their IELTS exam on premises.

How will a typical day/week be organized?

A typical day during one of our Camps starts at 9:00 a.m with English morning lessons. Lunch is from 12:00 p.m to 13:00 p.m, after which afternoon activities start. We have planned a series of activities that are both entertaining and educational. Students are taken to their activities by Activity Coordinators and are brought back to school just in time for them to go home for dinner. At the weekend, we have planned trips to various destinations. Some of the activities include visiting the capital of British Columbia, Victoria - Niagara Falls near Toronto - Quebec City in Quebec and so much more. Your days will be packed with not just school but also fun activities where students get to relax and apply their language skills learned outside of the classroom. The activities we have planned for them are fun, tiring and educational. For a complete list of activities, please inquire about our List / Activity Calendar.


Do you offer online English Courses?

That’s what we are here for! Whether you want to improve your reading and writing skills or simply learn to speak English more fluently and enrich your vocabulary, we offer a series of flexible and personalized online courses that suit your lifestyle.

Who should take an Online Course?

The simple answer is everyone. Students join our online courses for a variety of reasons and come from diverse backgrounds, professions and age groups. With online courses you can: advance your language skills or simply begin. Take the next step towards a personal or professional goal, enjoy learning a new language and discover an entire new world. Whatever the reason, our online courses are a flexible way of improving or learning a new language without disrupting your daily life.

Are online lessons effective?

Online lessons can be as effective as in-person lessons. The only limitation is that your teacher is not in the same room as you. On top of that, online lessons give you more flexibility, being able to schedule them when it suits you best and from anywhere in the world.

What teaching methods do you use?

We use communicative language teaching method. All aspects of English language are taught using real life situations. We are also proud to say that we are constantly working on improving our teaching methods.

What equipment do I need for my Online English Lesson?

Computer, tablet or smartphone. Fast internet connection. If Wi-Fi signal is weak, try using a cable to connect directly to the router – it will improve speed and make your connection stable. In our opinion, the use of a quality webcam will also improve your learning experience.

What is special about your English Lesson Online?

Individual approach and quality. We are aware of how different people are, and how different are their needs. Our highly competent English tutors make sure that your lesson is designed the way you want it. The friendly atmosphere and an interesting way of teaching makes English learning online with us faster, and more enjoyable.

How can I prepare for my IELTS exam?

For your IELTS test, please book a free 30 minute online consultation with one of our mother-tongue teachers to help you understand better your learning style and needs in order to choose the right course and path for you to achieve your goals.

Can you answer a question about ORCA Education?

If you have a specific question about any of our services, please book a free online 30 minute consultation and we will answer most if not all your questions.

Where are you teachers from?

Our mothertoungue teachers are from around the world.

How can I cancel my online lesson?

There will be no charge if you cancel within at least a 24 hours’ notice. We can reschedule your English lesson at a time that is convenient for you. This applies to individual lessons not groups. Lessons cancelled with less than a 24 hours’ notice will be charged at full lesson price.