Orca Education strives to provide the highest quality study program abroad and E-learning experience catered to individuals, groups and businesses.

Each student we treat as family, each client as if they were our first.

Plane Tickets

Don’t have the time or don’t know who to ask or where to go? We are here to help. We can organize your travel arrangements from the get go, starting with your plane tickets. We are often able to beat the prices of your local travel agent. Just ask!

Airport Transfer

We make sure you get to your destination. If you are in need of an airport transfer, we can arrange it for you. If you would like to make your way to your accommodation or homestay on your own we can provide you with options and advice on how to get there. For groups, we make all airport transfer arrangements which are included in all of our packages.


We provide our clients and students with the best arrangements and options for them based on their needs and budget. We strongly believe that where a student lodges can have a great impact on the overall experience of an individual studying abroad. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to make it happen.

Travel Medical Insurance

If you haven’t already made your own arrangements, you can ask and we can help. Each individual’s needs are different and our services cater to just that. With group packages and all of our Orca Camps medical insurance is included for the entire duration of the program chosen.

Local Events & Places to Explore and Visit

Canada is such a divers country with so much to offer. It can literally cater to everyones needs. Let us know what you like and enjoy and we will put together a personalized list of things to do, see, and visit.

School / Study Program Choice

Confused? Don’t know where to go, what program and school to choose? We are here to help! Simply book a free 30 min call via our platforms and we will guide you in choosing what is best for you. We are all unique individuals with different needs. Choose what is right for you.

Custodianship Letter

If you are underage, Canada requires that you have a Custodianship Letter. Just ask us and we will explain.

SIM Card Set-up

We know how important it is to stay connected. We encourage all of our students to activate a SIM Card. Each one of our campers gets a local SIM Card that allows them to stay in contact with their leader, the school, homestay family, friends and their own family. If you are an individual and in need of guidance in getting a local phone card, let us know as we can set one up for you.

Bank Account Set-Up

If you are part of one of our Winter / Summer Camp chances are you may not need to set up a local bank account as your stay isn’t long enough to require one. If you are planning in studying for an extensive period of time or planning in doing the Year Abroad Program, we strongly encourage individuals to get a local bank account set-up. We can guide you in choosing the right bank and book your first bank appointment to open your bank account.

For those who decide to take advantage of our in-person or online training services we provide guidance in choosing the right course for you or your firm in order to achieve your desired goal.